Aftermath, bills, and coffee. The ABC’s of a Sunday morning.



Enough to pay our past due water bill or keep our phones in service.

We opted to feed ourselves and the tiny twin terrors of destruction for the week instead.

Maybe Trader Joe’s every week isn’t the brightest of ideas and buying unnecessary booze, sparkly beverages, and bread is a definite no. My fiancé decided to splurge on himself a bit though and who am I to say no to a man’s beverage after a hard day’s work?

Today my mission is quite simple.
1. Not go insane after being woken up at 7am to the screams of MOMMY on a Sunday.
2. Accept that Sunday is just like every other day.
3. Pray for the strength to keep my patience.
4. Work out.
5. Cook!

With all the money we spent I decided it would be a good idea to come up with a menu for the week and to cook in advance as much as possible. We might stretch these groceries into next week which would be the best thing ever.

Not to mention I have no plans on spending any more money during the week. We bought plenty of fruit to snack on during movies or while crafting. We have coffee. There’s plenty of parks to go to weather permitting and the mall 10 min away if all else fails.

Ohhhhh and my fiancé decided to jump on this fitness train with me! Once my phone is back in service I’ll post pictures of what I hope to be progress.
Love the weather so I’ll be going on morning/afternoon walks more often.


Here’s to a wonderfully healthy week ahead!


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