Sunday confessions, again.

I made crust less quiche (whatever that means)!


1. I checked myself out at the gym.

2. While taking a class I thought to myself why the motherfuck is this old uncoordinated mofo teaching Zumba?

3. I gave my fiancé expired half and half.

4. I lied to my parents.

5. I ate a huge cup of ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.

6. I yelled and cussed at Thing 1 and 2 in my head. One cries, one whines… Lady can’t even poop in peace around here.

7. I think my friend’s baby is ugly.

In non-confession related news…

1. Fiancé finally got a job!

2. We’re still broke and will continue to be broke for another 2 weeks.

3. We’re planning out meals most of them involve chicken, salmon, steak and a lot of spinach.

4. We’re going full Paleo mode and I might try the Whole 30 challenge.

5. I decided that I’m worth this very special treat… Gingerbread coffee from the Joe’s!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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