Zucchini boats, made with love!


Zucchini $5.97
Ground Beef $6.11
Bell Pepper $1.29
Red Onion $0.69
Crumbled Ricotta $2.49
Mozzarella $3.99
Grand Total $20.51

I’ve been reading about zucchini lasagna for the past couple of days but was nervous about making it. I thought to myself, hey self, why not make zucchini love boats?

For it to be Paleo you just need to leave off the cheese and honestly it’s just as yummy, filling, and cheaper without it. My family and friends loved it so much that I’m definitely making it again!

With the leftover onion and bell pepper I made a quick, simple pasta that fed my brother and fiancé again for dinner. So add $0.99 to the mix and you have lunch and dinner for under $25 for 4 adults and a child.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be grilled asparagus, leftover zucchini, and chicken breast. Nom.