Good vibrations.

Power outage. Spoiled groceries. Broken laptop courtesy of Thing 1.

Just some more things I can add to a week of suck.

But let’s get one thing clear. When I write about not having money, post pictures of red and yellow notices, mention things and places I can’t afford I don’t do it with the desire to create some sort of online pity party. I complain because I want people who have enough or extra to take a deep breath and be thankful for not having to pick up pennies out of necessity.

There are people who are in worst situations than I am and I’m thankful for every day I’m alive and given another chance to make the best out of what I have. My two beautiful children, a fiancĂ© who looks the other way when I don’t have the energy to shave my legs for weeks, and the most supportive parents a girl could ask for.

Life is hard, even for people who might have it all.

I found myself staring at all my new white hair a couple of days ago and wondering how much time I’ve wasted being bitter these last 2 years. Enough.


I will still have a bad ass attitude, sass for days, and add two snaps and a twist when I feel the need no matter what but the bitterness?

Tossing that heavy, stale, unnecessary baggage out of my life.

I’m fully committing myself to being happy, healthy and fit.

Crossfit for the first time ever tonight, Paleo 4EVA, and the possibility of my fiancĂ© finally getting a job! I’m crying sweet salty tears of joy, hope really is a beautiful thing to have. Never ever give up.

Laugh, love, appreciate.


Why poor, poorpaleo?

I decided on the name poorpaleo because while I love the idea of being able to eat all organic fruits and veggies, omega fortified/free range/all vegetarian diet eggs, bison steaks and only the finest of meats, it’s just not possible.

Walmart and Target are fancy stores for me at this rather low point of my life and while they’re great stores to find bargains on decorations and clothes… food, not so much. I try and buy organic salad mixes usually found at either store, frozen veggies, deli meat (I wish they had Applegate) the kind that says no added preservatives or nitrates, eggs that are the best value money wise and fruit that comes with some sort of protective peel (bananas, oranges, cantaloupe).

I’m trying to save my pennies to venture out to Trader Joe’s because they usually have good food at decent prices but it’s not like they’re right around the corner or are willing to deliver. It can be up to an hour drive if I’m stuck in traffic and again, poorpaleo, I can’t afford to use gas that way.

CrossFit is usually associated with the Paleo lifestyle and again, I wish I could afford to join a gym and really dive in 100% but every gym I’ve found charges over $100. They also make you take some sort of more expensive beginner’s course all for safety reasons I completely understand. I haven’t seen a single gym that offers a payment plan but of course their main tagline is usually always

it’s worth it

Of course it’s worth it but not all of us can afford it. Shouldn’t something that is that good for you be a little more within reach? I know that it’s not the gym’s fault I can’t afford to join but how about giving me a job in exchange? Shoot, I’ll clean toilets. I’ll go on protein runs. Pick up lunches. File.

Poorpaleo for me is buying the best food I can, looking up wods online, and using my baby as weights. No dumbbell sets, tires, kettle balls, coaches pushing me to my potential, or other equipment. Can’t afford it but making the best out of it one wod at a time.