Sunday confessions.

This edition of Sunday confessions will be served with a side of bitter thoughts and stale ass attitude.

My eating habits were HORRIBLE. So horrible that I had to use caps lock.

I didn’t go to the gym at all this week. Didn’t even bother to go for any walks or do any exercise at home.

I ate a banana at Walmart and didn’t pay for it. I didn’t have the money and I was starving (I plan on buying an extra banana next time and just leaving it).

I hated my fiancé about 10 times this week and fantasized about smashing his phone over his huge head.

I did something that maybe wasn’t very nice.

I rolled my eyes again at my friend’s pictures and wished they were in my position for a second.

I also wished I had made better choices.

I said I would post pictures tomorrow and I will but I’m fatter than ever. Like I mentioned in my previous post I’m an emotional eater and right now I’m just eating to forget.

I’m not even hungry but there I am just staring aimlessly into the fridge, grabbing junk, and stuffing my face. It’s like I don’t care anymore but I do.

I swear I want this lifestyle change. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to have self-control, will power… How is it that even after hitting rock bottom on so many levels I still can’t say enough?

I keep saying and promising that tomorrow will be better, this week will be better, hoping that something will happen…

Maybe tomorrow will be different.





When I say I’m poor I’m not exaggerating that much. My fiancĂ© and I decided to move out of state incredibly unprepared. He has had no luck finding a job and with 2 kids and bills to take care of I’m a couple of days away from applying for WIC. How am I going to afford a paleo diet? I’m spending today doing research and while I know I won’t be able to buy all the fancy meat and produce I want to I’ll just do the best I can. I’ll be posting recipes, before and progress pictures, and random mom things. I’m excited and hope I’m able to find people with advice, encouragement, ideas, and maybe even someone I can inspire.