That’s what happened while I was writing last night… But here’s what I wrote.

I was going to post pictures today but I was too busy working out, twice. I managed to eat 90% Paleo with my only two slip ups happening during breakfast.

I had a tsp of sour cream and a tsp of peanut butter.

I did about 1.8 hours of cardio, including Zumba and lifted weights like a really weak boss.

And even though I only have $79 in the bank and have just enough to buy diapers and some questionable meat I refuse to lose hope.

I’m going to make it through this.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Crossing my fingers I come out looking like Annie Thorisdottir.


Lookin’ good spinach baby.


Lunch has been fast, simple, and full of spinach. It cost me a little under $4 for two bags of the good ol’ organic stuff and I still have enough for tomorrow. Red onion and tomatoes are a must and my protein is usually chicken or ground beef. I eat an avocado every other day or make guacamole for the whole family to enjoy. Sometimes I even get crazy and throw in some almonds, I know. Living on the edge is what I do.

On the fitness side of things I’ve been doing research on the Crossfit facilities around the area. While non of them are close by most of them offer a free Saturday workout for the community to try which is awesome. I’ve called a couple of places and plan on observing some classes next week since I don’t have the money to even think about signing up for a membership.

Now if you’ll excuse me I smell something burning in my kitchen. Can’t wait to post some progress pictures!

Quick confessions:
1. Finished watching season of teenage vampire show.
2. Ate a bag of chocolate covered almonds that set me back 440 calories!! Yikes.
3. Rolled my eyes and cursed under my breath way too many times to count this week.

Yellow tag road.

Came home to find this on my door…

I see a lot of these in my future. Going to do the only thing I can do. Go to the gym and cook something healthy. If you’re lucky enough to have money in your pocket and bank account, be thankful. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to go grocery shopping without regrets. Damn you and all your goodies Trader Joe’s.

Zucchini boats, made with love!


Zucchini $5.97
Ground Beef $6.11
Bell Pepper $1.29
Red Onion $0.69
Crumbled Ricotta $2.49
Mozzarella $3.99
Grand Total $20.51

I’ve been reading about zucchini lasagna for the past couple of days but was nervous about making it. I thought to myself, hey self, why not make zucchini love boats?

For it to be Paleo you just need to leave off the cheese and honestly it’s just as yummy, filling, and cheaper without it. My family and friends loved it so much that I’m definitely making it again!

With the leftover onion and bell pepper I made a quick, simple pasta that fed my brother and fiancé again for dinner. So add $0.99 to the mix and you have lunch and dinner for under $25 for 4 adults and a child.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be grilled asparagus, leftover zucchini, and chicken breast. Nom.

Aftermath, bills, and coffee. The ABC’s of a Sunday morning.



Enough to pay our past due water bill or keep our phones in service.

We opted to feed ourselves and the tiny twin terrors of destruction for the week instead.

Maybe Trader Joe’s every week isn’t the brightest of ideas and buying unnecessary booze, sparkly beverages, and bread is a definite no. My fiancé decided to splurge on himself a bit though and who am I to say no to a man’s beverage after a hard day’s work?

Today my mission is quite simple.
1. Not go insane after being woken up at 7am to the screams of MOMMY on a Sunday.
2. Accept that Sunday is just like every other day.
3. Pray for the strength to keep my patience.
4. Work out.
5. Cook!

With all the money we spent I decided it would be a good idea to come up with a menu for the week and to cook in advance as much as possible. We might stretch these groceries into next week which would be the best thing ever.

Not to mention I have no plans on spending any more money during the week. We bought plenty of fruit to snack on during movies or while crafting. We have coffee. There’s plenty of parks to go to weather permitting and the mall 10 min away if all else fails.

Ohhhhh and my fiancé decided to jump on this fitness train with me! Once my phone is back in service I’ll post pictures of what I hope to be progress.
Love the weather so I’ll be going on morning/afternoon walks more often.


Here’s to a wonderfully healthy week ahead!

Hakuna Yourmama

It happened again.

After a long night with my daughter I woke up and without even thinking about it grabbed a chocolate bar and began to devour it. I was halfway done when I snapped out of it.

I’ve been in a sort of funk these last 3 days. I feel as though I have a case of forever PMS. I’m bloated, moody, everything hurts. To say I’m exhausted is a gross understatement. It’s all so frustrating given that I’m exercising more, eating healthier (chocolate devouring not counting), and even spending more time outdoors.

I have no energy. In fact I’m only up because I don’t think leaving my baby to fend for herself in a playpen with food and water while watching Yo Gabba Gabba would be smiled upon.

Here’s hoping for a better second half.

I did get a couple great things from Trader Joe’s this weekend including grass-fed beef, almond butter, plenty of organic fruits that didn’t cost me half my fiancé’s paycheck, and veggies. I’m also up to 5 rounds of 20 push ups/20 squats/20 jumping jacks/20 sit ups.

Watch out. I’m coming for you Crossfit Games 2016, hey now… Baby steps.


November pain.

I’ve been writing a lot, tagging my posts as fitness related but what the hell have I actually been doing? Not much. In my defense, I carry around 22lbs on my hip all day, every day. I sporadically do Zumba, walk on the treadmill, work out DVDs…

It’s not enough. I know. Starting today I promise to do push ups, abs, and squats every day. I’m going to go to the gym at least 3x a week. Go for walks with my baby, stroller skate, the possibilities are endless. I might even do chores in high heels.

Every one says fat season has officially started, I say I’m going to rock the hell out of a skanky classy dress Christmas Eve. November pain, I’m ready.